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Abstract Expressionist Photography - Learning - Encouragement - Community - This is your place.


FYV is a supportive community of like-minded creative photographers and artists who love exploring Photographic Expressionism and growing creatively.

This is a place to find learning opportunities, mutual support and encouragement as we enjoy our craft together.

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Why You Should Join Us

To be part of the Bailey Chinnery online expressionist photography community.

To share ideas and knowledge, be supportive and encouraging.

To enjoy immediate access to an ever growing unique and unrivalled library of recorded teaching content by Valda and Doug

To join several live online teaching sessions with Valda and Doug each month, with the opportunity to ask questions.

To get involved in monthly photo challenges and then have the chance to have your images critiqued by Valda or Doug - with their favourites going forwards into regular live 3D professional online exhibitions.

To hear occasional guest speakers and interviewees - renowned photographers and artists from around the world.

To have the chance each month to work on one of Valda or Doug's own RAW files as part of the 'Render My RAW' challenge and then have the chance to have your images critiqued by Valda or Doug - with their favourites going forwards into regular live 3D professional online exhibitions.

It will be like being on a continuous workshop with Valda and Doug, with no waiting lists.

They will teach live lessons for absolute beginners in multiple exposure and ICM photography as well as sessions for those wanting more advanced skills.

They will open up and teach live all of their skills in Lightroom and Photoshop as well as teaching the fundamentals of these programs for those who have struggled to understand the basics. All this will be done in a methodical and easy to understand way - and with the lessons recorded so you can re-watch them as many times as you wish while you remain a subscriber.

 Additionally, and more importantly, they will help you grow creatively and think like an artist, express yourself through your work - to find your unique creative voice. 

In addition to the monthly challenges there will be book discussions to share in and a forum to upload and share your images - where you can receive critique on your work if you wish.

Subscribers will also now be the very first to hear of our new in-person tours and workshops with an opportunity to book before they are released elsewhere.

Additionally, you will qualify for a 5% subscribers discount on the price of all in-person tours and workshops with Valda and Doug run through Bailey Chinnery. Subscribers will also be able to book us for 121's at a reduced rate.

If you want to go even further with your creative growth we offer, for an additional subscription, access to our Abstract Rhythm and Blue Notes course. This is now an ongoing program of more advanced tuition on creative thinking and personal growth.

Subscribers will have access to monthly live lectures on deeper creative subjects from Valda and Doug, as well as occasional invited guest speakers. These will build into a library resource available anytime during your subscription. There will also be more advanced projects, discussion groups and image critique sessions - all designed to help you make greater progress as an artist.

To the best of our knowledge, FYV is unique. We promise to continue to do our very best to make it the ultimate community-based learning resource anywhere in the world for those who love photographic expressionism as we do. We look forward to you joining us.

A Big Thanks

We want to thank all of you who support us by subscribing to the FYV community and being active members. We are privileged to spend our lives teaching and working with such creative people. We could not do what we do without you and we never take that for granted.

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