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What is 'Find Your Voice'?

'FYV' is a supportive community of photographers and artists, accessible in our App on smartphones, tablets and web browsers, who are interested in exploring a more expressive way of image-making. Led by Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery, its prime objective is to help you grow creatively and break free of the constraints of conventional, representational photography with all its attendant rules and dogma.

Do You Feel Like This?

  • You are tired of making images which look like everyone else’s
  • You rebel against the ‘rules of photography’.
  • You have seen abstract expressionist photographers using ICM and multiple exposure techniques and would like to explore them in depth.
  • You feel you need inspiration... and maybe help to find your creative voice.
  • You love talking about art and creativity but have no one to share your ideas with.
  • You are keen to learn new things and are eager to grow creatively.

If this is you, you have come to the right place.

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What's Inside?

FYV is a unique place for creative photographers. No other site combines its rich community features, its breadth and depth of learning and self-development opportunities nor its accessibility from both a web browser on your computer and any smartphone or tablet via our app (Apple or Android). 

Valda and Doug both teach several live sessions every month, host live critique sessions of members' work and invite world-class speakers to deliver talks.

  • The free trial gives you instant unlimited access to
  • Over 100 hours of video tuition and instruction
  • A growing library of talks from world-famous speakers such as Glenys Garnett, Paul Kenny, Ellis O’Connor, Andy Gray, Simon Ashmore, and Caroline Fraser with more than 15 already booked for Winter/Spring 2023/24
  • A private, friendly and supportive global community of photographers just like you - with a full range of forums to explore and contribute to.
  • New live talks, web chats and image critique sessions every month with Valda and Doug (all recorded for the library).

  • The option to exhibit your work in our professional, 3D online galleries -with links for your family and friends (and sell your work, if you wish)... and much more - come in and explore for free.

  • Share your images in the galleries and get feedback or helpful, constructive critique.

  • Subscribers receive a 5% discount on all tours and workshops run by Valda and Doug through Bailey Chinnery.*
  • Choose the annual payment option and get two months of membership free each year.

What is 'Abstract Rhythm & Blue Notes'?

Should you want to push yourself and go even further with your creative growth we offer, for an additional subscription, access to our Abstract Rhythm and Blue Notes course (ARBN). This is now an ongoing program of more advanced tuition on creative thinking and personal growth.

Subscribers will have access to monthly live lectures on deeper creative subjects from Valda and Doug, as well as regular invited guest speakers. These are building into a major library resource available anytime during your subscription. There will is also more advanced project work, discussion groups and image critique sessions designed to help you make greater progress as an artist.

* To be eligible for the FYV subscribers discount on tours and workshops, you need to have taken out a 12-month membership or have been on a monthly subscription for over six months.

Please download and read our terms and conditions and rolling subscription PDFs for full details.

FYV Terms and Conditions 22.11.23 PDF.pdf

Subscriptions FAQ for FYV PDF.pdf